Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Invisible by Damien Savina

A borrowed ring rises off your outstretched hand to hover in mid-air. You then visibly push the ring – still hovering – across your palm. Your spectator can now reach out and pluck the ring from mid-air, leaving them no explanation for the miracle that just happened.

That’s just one of the SIX full routines you’ll learn that you’ll be performing after watching this DVD (and practicing of course), as this set contains everything you need to perform, impromptu, right out of the box.

Forget everything you know about invisible thread. The effects taught on this DVD are simply not possible with IT – but no one told that to Damien Savina, the French Magician being heralded as the new King of the Invisible.

Leaving conventional hookups and limitations in the past, Damien has created a set of effects that will permanently burn themselves on the minds of your spectators.

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Ambitious Explosion by Lee Asher

It was this effect by Lee Asher that influenced our own style of card magic and spawned a new generation of young magicians performing visual close-up magic.

With three phases beginning with the Silver Surfer – an animated handling to double lift that instantly brings life to the effect, followed by Slap Happy – an awesome way to bring a selected card to top. INSTANTLY! And finally, ending with an Ambitious Explosion , still one of our favorite four-ace productions.

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more magic at diceincmagic.com

Monday, 22 April 2013

Armband by Marcus Eddie

Armband is a guaranteed attention getter when used as an opening or closing with any rubber band routine. Probably the coolest way to get your band back onto your arm that we've seen.
As they say simple hits hard. So, simply take a regular rubber band and throw it against your arm to have it instantly penetrate your wrist. It never fails to get love from the crowd.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 9 Minutes
Format: Download

More info on Ellusionist

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Serial Biller DVD by Rich Ferguson

At first it might look like just another restored bill effect.

Until you realize the spectator can verify the serial  number from their own borrowed bill, both before and after the restoration. To top it off the dollar the spectator leaves with is 100% ungimmicked, unaltered, undamaged and legit!

In a DVD filled with little known moves, switches, and presentation-concepts-that-build-reputation, Ferguson takes us on a learning experience reminiscent of TAGGED.  Once you get Rich started, the gems begin to flow and as you sit in your chair watching you find yourself learning - big time.

- At 2 hours long this DVD is dedicated to teaching you Serial Biller with invaluable audience management and psychology.

- Immensely practical

- Loaded with rare advice, switches and moves

- Works with almost any currency. Question about your currency? See this forum thread or read the FAQs tab just above

- Easy to put together and perform
- Reset in 60 seconds

Download Here :

Mathieu Bich - Spreadwave

 Quite possibly the cleverest trick in the world. FISM 2006 Gold Medal for "Best Invention", plus it Fooled Penn & Teller.

Show a blank deck of cards, ask someone to call for a card Spread the cards...The named card is now printed across on the spread!

  •     No Force
  •     Easy to learn
  •     Easy to perform
  •     Step-by-step video instructions
  •     FISM handling included.

Specially Printed deck of cards and Instructional DVD

Download Here : http://adf.ly/AyEAx

Ziplocked - by Rob Greenlee

There are hundreds of items penetrating other objects effects out there, so what makes Ziplocked any different? For starters, your spectator can hold the bag. When the magic happens in their hand's, you'll double the reactions.

We also included a version where you can actually 'throw' the object (or signed coin) through thin air into the bag.Yet another first in close up magic. As seen in the demo, the coin literally flies through the air to end up in a sealed Ziplock bag.

Full Overview

Borrow any coin and have your spectator sign it, better yet, borrow their ring, or their house key. Blow up a Ziplock bag. have your spectator hold the neck of the back, and with a light flick, send that object through the walls of the plastic into the bag for the world to see.

They can visually see and feel the object clearly inside.

• No switches or duplicates
• No magnets, threads, or sticky stuff
• Use a regular Ziplocked bag
• Easy to learn , easy to perform
• Use signed coin or borrowed small objects

As clever as it is simple, Ziplocked had a profound impact on the street and has been in Rob's working repertoire since inception. Give it a try.

Download Here: http://adf.ly/AxoI0

Lockdown - Signed Coin to Sealed Pack of Gum

Got gum?

In an instant a SIGNED dime passes into a SEALED pack of gum. Another sweet trick from the creator of best-selling Ziplocked.

The effect is quick, visual, and you will be able to perform shortly after your DVD arrives. A special gimmick is INCLUDED.

DVD Only. Special gimmick included, fits on your key-chain

• Easy to perform, very visual
• Sets up in three seconds
• Ends clean

Note: Due to the nature of the gimmick included, this effect should only be purchased by those over the age of 18.

Rob Greenlee takes a pack of gum out to the streets of Toronto to blow the minds of unsuspecting citizens. Rob consulted with Adam Rose and Peter McKinnon to develop the cleanest, fastest and most visual disappearance of a coin - a wave of a pack of gum and it's gone. 

Download Here : http://adf.ly/AxkUa
Password Here: http://lnkgt.com/8mB